Free Shortcodes

Shortcode Variables, comes with the following free, premade shortcodes:

[sv slug="sc-todays-date"]Displays today's date. Default is UK format (DD/MM/YYYY). Format can be changed by adding the parameter format="m/d/Y" onto the shortcode. Format syntax is based upon PHP date:
[sv slug="sc-user-ip"]Display the current user's IP address.
[sv slug="sc-user-agent"]Display the current user's User Agent
[sv slug="sc-site-url"]The Site address (URL) (set in Settings > General)
[sv slug="sc-site-title"]Displays the site title.
[sv slug="sc-admin-email"]Admin email (set in Settings > General)
[sv slug="sc-page-title"]Displays the page title.
[sv slug="sc-login-page"]Wordpress login page. Add the parameter "redirect" to specify where the user is taken after a successful login e.g. redirect="".
[sv slug="sc-privacy-url"]Displays the privacy page URL.
[sv slug="sc-username"]Display the logged in username.
[sv slug="sc-user-id"]Display the current user's ID.
[sv slug="sc-user-email"]Display the current user's email address.
[sv slug="sc-first-name"]Display the current user's username.
[sv slug="sc-last-name"]Display the current user's last name.
[sv slug="sc-display-name"]Display the current user's display name.